8:50AM Welcome all Children
8:55AM Circle time followed by group time activity
9:15AM Free Flow all areas open
09:45 AM Snack bar open
10:40 AM 5-minute sand timer for snack closing
10:45 AM Snack Closed
11:35 AM Tidy up time
11:40 AM Story time
11:45 AM Children supported for home time and other children wash hands for lunch.
12:20 PM PM children arrive
12:25 PM PM Circle time/Group time Activity
12:45 PM All areas open for Free flow
13:30 PM Snack bar Opens
14:25 PM 5-minute sand timer for snack closing
14:30 PM Snack Closed
15:00 PM Tidy up time
15:05 PM Story time
15:15/15:20PM Doors open Home time

About Avon Small Saints

Avon Small Saints is a Pre-school based in Netheravon, Wiltshire, that provides a caring and homely environment for children to develop and grow.

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Avon Small Saints, High St, Netheravon, Wiltshire SP4 9PJ

01980 671 681



M-F: 8.50am - 15.20pm